Julio Bashmore – Au Seve

Radio 1 DJ and producer, Julio Bashmore, has just released his first track ‘Au Seve‘, under his very own label, ‘Broadwalk Records‘. It’s no surprise that Bashmore is causing quite the stir in the electronica dance world, having recently produced the very successful ‘110%‘ by Jessie Ware. ‘Au Seve‘ is an infectious track filled with plenty of Bashmore Bass, that is sure to get a lot of exposure this summer. Available now via iTunes.

“Hi, I’m Julio Bashmore. Somehow I have found time between jet-setting around the globe, becoming a voice for the people via my Radio One show and generally living the high life to bring you a brand new label, Broadwalk Records. 
Today heralds a new era in the Julio Bashmore chronicles, with a sound that shall echo through the age”


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