Haim – Forever EP

Sister act ‘Haim‘ are creating quite the buzz around the place, and rightfully so. The Californian Sisters (Danielle, Alana and Este),  debut their first EP, ‘Forever‘, produced by Childish Gambino’s producer Ludwig Goransson. There’s been a lot of hype around these girls, and after receiving rave reviews from their South by Southwest (SXSW) performance, they have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Heavily influenced by 90’s R&B growing up, the sisters cite their influences as EN Vogue and TLC. Originally part of a family band called ‘Rockinhaim’, covering classic rock songs, the girls have progressed their sound into a more modern r&b-folksy vibe, that celebrates the simplicity of percussion and beautiful harmonies.  The girls have also been compared to that  of Fleetwood Mac and 80’s icon Cyndi Lauper.


The  Forever EP consists of 4 tracks, which are immediately likeable . Whether it be the enchanting chorus in ‘Go Slow’, or the hard hitting beats of ‘Better Off’, the EP provides for some very easy listening.

1. Better Off
2. Forever
3. Go Slow
4. Forever (Dan Lissvik Remix)

Their video for ‘Forever’ gives us a fresh and exciting sound, and after selling out debut gigs in both London and Brighton, this just gives us a taste of what is yet to come for the talented sister trio ‘HAIM’.

The EP was released on July 2nd under National Anthem Rcords and is now available on iTunes.


4 thoughts on “Haim – Forever EP

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