Deco Child – S&G

Deco Child (aka 23 year old Alex Lloyd), has released his second single ‘S&G‘ under the legendary electronica label ‘Ninja Tune’. The title ‘S&G’, pays homage to the recording techniques of ‘Simon & Garfunkel‘, where they would often create sounds and beats by adopting various methods, such as hitting out of tune guitars, stamping on the floor, and then putting it all together on a loop. Deco Child built a song out of this technique, and the result was an impressively layered electronica tune with haunting vocals and looped themes that keep building to produce such a wonderful mixture of sounds.

Metro- ‘The textures and euphoria made by Deco Child build on this shadowy, beautiful piece of electronica.’

Deco Child

Deco Child’s most recent performances have included ‘Field Day’ and ‘Soundcrash Roof Garden Party’. Speaking to ‘Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, his next EP will shortly follow ‘S&G‘, with an album expected early 2013. S&G is out now, and is available from Ninja Tune and iTunes.


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