The xx – Angels

The xx have returned with a beautiful new track called ‘Angels‘, which will be the lead single from their upcoming album ‘Coexist‘.  The trio posted a message about the new release on their Facebook page:

“It’s been a long time since we’ve played you anything new. This song is called ‘Angels’, it is the first single from our new album, ‘Coexist’. We’ve been playing this song live recently, so it feels good to share with you the version we’ve been working on for so long. We hope you like it. xx The xx”

Currently the Hottest Record for  Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, ‘Angels’ is a stripped back song that reflects the lighter side of love.  Speaking to Zane Lowe, singer and guitarist Romy Madley Croft said it was the first time they approached making an album together as a unit. They shut themselves away, and fellow band member Jamie Smith, produced the whole thing.

“It was a challenge to do a bit more on our own.”

Having recently performed at Heineken Open’er Festival in Poland, more upcoming dates for the indie group include Bestival and Electric Picnic

Angels is available to download from iTunes, with the album ‘Coexist’  having a release date of September 11th.


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