Maxsta – Pop Off

Fresh off the success of his debut single I Wanna Rock‘, Maxsta is back with yet another massive track ‘Pop Off, which received it’s first play with Misata Jam on Radio 1Xtra.

Show n Prove produced the instantaneous hit ‘I Wanna Rock‘ and has skillfully done it again with ‘Pop Off’. Maxsta’s main focus when chosing beats, is that initial vibe that motivates him to get behind a track and start writing, regardless of its origins. It’s clear Maxsta really goes for it in ‘Pop Off’ and doesn’t hold back with his skillful spitting.

The Grime MC shows his versatility, as he’s also greatly influenced by rap and hip hop and hopes to mix it up with future tracks. While it seems everything is falling into place for Maxsta, there is no doubt he has worked extremely hard to get here.  With a few more singles set to drop before the album, Maxsta always leaves us wanting more. Keep that momentum going Maxsta, and it will soon be Dizzee Who?


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