Paralympics Closing Ceremony – Coldplay, Rihanna & Jay Z

For one final time this summer, London took centre stage as they brought the curtain down on the Paralympics Closing Ceremony. With an 80,000 strong audience, the event celebrated 4,200 Paralympians across 164 nations. To close the ceremony in true style, Coldplay headlined the evening with an impressive 16 song set and a few special guests, including Rihanna and Jay Z.

Image: Getty Images

Through-out Coldplay’s set, hundreds of dancers and volunteers put on a spectacular show highlighting the four seasons. Beginning with Autumn, Coldplay kicked off proceedings with the 2011 Mylo Xyloto track ‘Us Against The World’. Chris Martin then dedicated the classic track ‘Yellow’ to all the athletes and volunteers that made the Paralympics possible. This was shortly followed by ‘Up In Flames‘ and the first play of the night of ‘Paradise’. Fireflies descended from the roof, as a pyrotechnic display marked the end of Autumn. Snow-like confetti and an ice queen helped create a magical winter scene during the song ‘42‘. Disabled drummer Mat Fraser took to the stage with the band for ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face‘. A dazzling burst of sunshine marked the end of Winter, as they performed the classic track ‘Clocks’ followed by ‘Charlie Brown’. Time for the first special guest, as Rihanna made her grand entrance on the back of a wooden ship and performed her chart topping duet, ‘Princess of China’. She later returned to the stage, or should I say, above it, to perform her smash hit collaboration feat Calvin Harris ‘We found Love’. As the scene moved into Summer, Coldplay collaborated with the British Paraorchestra on ‘Strawberry Swing’, before the section concluded with a firework display accompanying ‘Vida La Vida’.

Image: PA

Following a break in Coldplay’s set for the handing over of the Paralympic flag to the Rio and the extinguishing of the flame, the second guest of the night was the one and only Jay-Z, who took to the stage with Rihanna and Coldplay for a rousing performance of ‘Run This Town’ . The rapper then stayed with the band on stage to perform a reworked version of their hit single ‘Paradise‘.

Image: PA

Momentous sporting highlights were displayed during the penultimate song ‘The Scientist’, as the crowd relived the magnificent memories throughout the games. Coldplay then closed with the anthemic ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’, while fountains of water symbolised extinguishing the Paralympic Flame.  A perfect end to a wonderful and inspiring games!

Image: PA

  “These Games have changed us all forever” – Sir Philip Craven International Paralympic Committee President

Complete Set
1. ‘Us Against the World’
2. ‘Yellow’
3. ‘Up in Flames’
4. ‘Paradise’
5. ’42’
6. ‘God Put a Smile Upon My Face’
7. ‘Clocks’
8. ‘Charlie Brown’
9. ‘Princess of China’
10. ‘Strawberry Swing’
11. ‘We Found Love’
12. ‘Viva La Vida’
13. ‘Run This Town’ (featuring Jay-Z and Rihanna)
14. ‘Paradise’ (featuring Jay-Z)
15. ‘The Scientist’
16. ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’


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