Kodaline – All I Want

Dublin four-piece Kodaline, have released a beautiful and captivating new single titled ‘All I Want’.  Currently Fearne Cotton’s  ‘Big Thing’ on BBC Radio 1, the band have been featured every day this week, with a live studio interview planned for today, so don’t forget to tune in after 11am.

Kodaline, consisting of Steve Garrigan (lead vocals), Mark Prendergast (Guitar & Keys), Vinny May Jr, (Drums) and Jason Boland (Bass), have been compared to the likes of Elbow, Doves and Coldplay … not a bad comparison really. The band complements each other so well, and produces a truly beautiful sound. On first listen, Bon Iver came to mind, as ‘All I Want‘ is filled with beautiful harmonies and melancholy lyrics of lost love and heartache.

“Cause if I could see your face once more, I could die a happy many I’m sure’

One thing that really captured my attention was the beautiful video, directed by Stevie Russel. It depicts the touching story of a young man whose face is disfigured. We see him in work, and the tough situations he’s faced with, but one thing that helps him get through the day, is a particular girl at work – A bit of a modern day Beauty and the Beast story.  The video will definitely tug at your heartstrings and captures the essence of the songs so perfectly. Thoroughly engaging and one you’ll definitely remember, so if you do anything today, have a look at the video!

‘All I Want’ is taken from their debut self-titled album and was released September 9th. Definitely not the most upbeat thing you’ll hear this year, but such a promising band, and one that is sure to receive a lot of attention. The band will be on tour with ‘We Are Augustines‘, supporting ‘The Temper Trap‘ in Dublin and hope to have a mini tour of their own before the end of the year.


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