Angel Haze – Reservation

Azealia Banks and Iggy Azelea are two of the most exciting new female stars in Hip Hop/Rap. Do we have room for another? Always! Meet Angel Haze, 21, who has confidently staked her claim and made ‘Reservations’ in being the hottest new rapper on the scene today. You might have already heard of Haze from such underground projects like her 2011′s ‘Altered Ego’ mix-tape, or some of her successful YouTube videos, but now we get to witness Haze as she takes her rightful place in mainstream hip hop.

Having already released her free debut EP ‘Reservation’ in July, via True Panther/Noizy Cricket/Biz 3 Records, Haze showcases her rapid rap skills and deadly flow as she races through the clattering beats of ‘Werkin Girls’ and ‘Hot Like Fire’, and contrasting them with the soulful melodies of ‘Supreme’ and raw honesty of ‘This Is Me’. The EP features collaborations from Kool A.D and Nicole Wray, but it’s Haze who stands out from the crowd and delivers an impressive 14 track debut.

‘New York’, a defiant, infectious track, opens with clattering hand-clap beats, as Haze goes ‘hell for leather’ and raps with such confidence claiming ‘I kill this shit’. She further emphasises this with the ridiculously catchy hook ‘I run New York’; a strong statement to make, but one which firmly holds its ground and not many will argue with. Haze takes no prisoners with her firm assertions:

“I’m like scorpion, bitch I will finish you – it’s just me, myself and I – Talk tough shit and I’m a beat you till you die – Ask why, because I’m better than you’ll ever be”

Currently ‘Record of the Week’ with Huw Stephens and actually making it on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw (thanks Grimmy), Haze is getting quite a lot of attention and rightly so. Haze continues her self-assured and fiery delivery in ‘Werkin Girls’ as she raps ridiculously fast alongside a sequence of looped beats. No matter how fast and furious her pace is, her delivery is always level and message clear, as she brings the listeners back to reality with her matter-of-fact statements:

”Money and my money is the only shit I’m after – you can cut the fake shit – I’m not the mother fuckin actor”

Haze, now signed with Universal, cites Nicki Minaj, Eminem and Frank Ocean as her inspiration as well as singer/songwriters Lauryn Hill, Drake and even Jason Miraz. Currently in the process of recording her second album, Haze plans to collaborate with Rudiemental (Feel The Love) , Paul Epworth (Azealia Banks ‘Bambi’, Adele ‘21’,  Florence + The machine ‘Ceremonials’) and Azealia Banks on a  possible ‘New York‘ remix.  If her debut EP is anything to go by, her contemporaries better raise their game, as Haze has set the bar extremely high!

You can Catch Angel Haze at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen October 8th and Annie Mac Presents October 13th.


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