Format: B – Chunky


German duo, Format: B, made up of Franziskus and Jakob, unveiled their new radio edit of ‘Chunky’.

Format: B have been making waves in the underground the past few years with their bass heavy, techno vibes and singles such as ‘Vivian Wheeler’ and ‘Rocket Bunny’.

Chunky’ serves up a perfect combination of thick, rolling bass lines, infectious vocals and thrilling percussive rhythms, making this one single you can’t help but get up and dance to. The single has already been making the rounds on the Ibiza and Festival circuit, having received great support from the likes of Disclosure, Duke Dumont and Radio 1 and quickly becoming one of the hottest records of the Summer.

Having previously released ‘Chunky’ via their own label Formatik Records, The ‘Chunky’ (Radio Edit) is set for release November 6th via Ministry of Sound. Upcoming dates for the German duo include Cyprus Avenue in Cork, Ireland on September 10th


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